The Southern New Hampshire University Professional Employee Association (SNHUPEA or "the Association") is the collective bargaining body for SNHU covered employees. The purpose of the Association is to maintain the appropriate relationship with Southern New Hampshire University’s administration for the health, welfare and working conditions of its members which encompasses, but is not limited to, the negotiation of contractual agreements with the University. SNHUPEA negotiates for you: compensations, benefits, contract duration, retirement contribution, healthcare, tuition, discount food service, professional development funds, office space, parking, merit process, promotion, vacation, faculty course loads, contracts, tenure…. and more! Our institution has participated in the Chronicles of Higher Education “Great Colleges to work for" program for twelve consecutive years. The current SNHU employees responded to the survey questions with regard to satisfaction in the institution (benefits, health care, professional development, tenure, physical work space conditions, etc.). For the twelfth consecutive year we have been named as one of the "Great colleges to work for." Let’s keep working together for your satisfaction!


Patrick Cullen (2021)President
Chad Farrow (2021)At Large Representative from COCE
VACANT (2022)At Large Representative from UC Professional Staff
Greg Randolph (2021)Vice President
Burton Reynolds (2021)At Large Representative from UC Faculty
Karl Marston (2022)At Large Representative from COCE
Joanne Normand (2021)Secretary
Pamela Robillard (2021)At Large Representative from UC Professional Staff
Michael HenderyRepresentative to Board of Trustees
Michael Tasto (2022)Treasurer
Liz Henley (2022)At Large Representative from UC Faculty