Hi SNHUPEA Members,

Hi SNHUPEA Members,



Thank you to the more than 40 members who, in the past two weeks, have signed up to pay their fair share in SNHUPEA dues. In my e-mails and personal conversations, I asked these new dues paying members to speak with their colleagues and encourage them to pay their fair share as well. The value of SNHUPEA is demonstrated by our current compensation, benefits, and workplace protections. I ask those remaining members not paying their dues to complete the attached form and forward it to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Several members have asked SNHUPEA to consider raising our dues from the current rate of $100/year to ensure no losses in employee rights and protections. I am of the opinion this is unfair to the 285 members who are currently paying dues.  What I will do is ask the more than 1,300 employees who are not paying dues to “pony up” their fair share to ensure current SNHUPEA benefits and services, such as arbitration and collective bargaining negotiation, do not discontinue or diminish.



We are an organization that requires money to operate and negotiate. If we do not have sufficient funds, there are clear and significant impacts on all SNHUPEA covered employees. If you file a grievance in the future and it proceeds to arbitration, we may not have the funds to support your potentially valid case of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, etc . Currently, we are fighting two (2) cases for wrongful termination of COCE and UC employees costing $10,000-$20,000 each. If the current 1,300 non-paying SNHUPEA members do not pay their fair share, future arbitration proceedings and collective bargaining negotiations are simply impossible.



There have been questions about SNHUPEA and what we do following my last e-mail. Attached is the Master Agreement. This is YOUR contract with Southern New Hampshire University. It was SNHUPEA leadership, including Patrick Cullen, Gregory Randolph, Joanne Normand, and I, who personally negotiated on your behalf.  Also attached is the membership form for you to easily pay your $3.85 dues every 2 weeks. Please complete, sign, and return it to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Another question related to the bonus Patrick, Greg, Joanne, and I negotiated for every covered employee when we ratified the 2015 contract. Please see page 61 in the attached Master Agreement which details the following:



0 to <5 years of service          =       $1,000


5 to <10 years of service        =       $2,000


10 to <15 years of service      =       $3,000


15 to <20 years of service      =       $4,000


20 or more years of service    =       $5,000



This was a negotiated one-time benefit for every employee who was covered at the time of ratification. The minimum bonus was $1,000. SNHUPEA dues are only $100.



We are asking for every non-paying member receiving this e-mail - all of whom are SNHUPEA covered employees receiving the benefits in the Master Agreement - to help out! Send me the attached dues form. Option #1 is $3.85 every 2 weeks, automatically deducted by Workday, and no more forms need be completed. Please forward the completed, signed, and scanned form back to me. The dues and process are quite simple and affordable, particularly given the benefits received.



I appreciate your support. We need your financial help and would love to have you more engaged in SNHUPEA. There will be meetings to attend and many opportunities to help your association in the future. Right now, we need every member to pay their dues!



Thank you,






Michael T. Tasto, Ph.D.


Professor of Economics


Chair - Department of Finance and Economics Treasurer - SNHU Professional Employees Association




Southern New Hampshire University


2500 North River Road


Manchester, NH 03106


(603) 668 – 2211 x3327